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The Payment Card Industry (PCI), founded in 2006 by five global payment brands (American Express, Discover, Financial Services, JCB International, MasterCard Worldwide and Visa Inc.), has developed a set of standards that prescribe technical requirements for their data security compliance programs, to reduce the risk that sites will be compromised by malicious attacks. Specifically, the PCI DSS requires vulnerability scanning of all externally accessible (Internet-facing) system components that are part of the cardholder data environment, as well as any externally facing system component that provides a path to the cardholder data environment. This certificate is provided as evidence that this system has passed this rigorous set of automated tests and attested to by SAINT Corporation, an Approved Scanning Vendor, certified by the PCI Security Standards Council under certification number 4268-01-16, on the date specified above. The SAINT Corporation trademark and compliance seal appear only when a site's tested status meets PCI's published standards as of the test date. DISCLAIMER: THIS CERTIFICATE CONFIRMS THIS SITE HAS BEEN TESTED USING SAINT CORPORATION'S APPROVED SCANNING SOLUTION IN ACCORDANCE WITH PCI SPECIFICATIONS AND STANDARDS. SAINT CORPORATION CONDUCTED THE EXTERNAL VULNERABILITY SCAN AND DID NOT FIND ANY SECURITY VULNERABILITIES PRESCRIBED AS "FAIL" BY THE PCI DSS AT THE TIME OF THE SCAN. THIS CERTIFICATE DOES NOT IMPLY THIS SITE IS INVULNERABLE TO UNAUTHORIZED ATTACK OR MISUSE NOR CONSTITUTE A WARRANTY BY SAINT CORPORATION REGARDING THE SECURITY OF THIS SITE, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE SITE OWNER'S PROTECTION AGAINST INTRUSIONS, VIRUSES, VIRUS THREATS, OR ANY OTHER SECURITY THREATS.

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