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Deposit in escrow your $500,000 investment capital, plus, our $25,000 one time referral fee.


Instruct your bank escrow agent to send us the funding verification certification, and, the contract specifying your research criteria, with the commitment to pay us said compensation.

*All bank received communications MUST have its domain (ex.

**All bank messages containing generic email domains will be rejected.

***Make sure to include verifiable bank branch manager name, phones & links.


We will send to the agent all the listing links matching your parameters.

If we do not find properties the escrow will be closed, receiving your money back.

If we find the ones agent MUST pay us $25,000, independently if you close an acquisition or not.

One time fee gives you many properties.

Each listing contains tens of them.

So you have plenty of room to choose and negotiate.

Your credibility is proven with the capital siting ready.

Listings are updated daily providing you more deals.

Property addresses, photos and sales history are included.

With this system you have the opportunity to buy at retail (for living or renting), subject to (assuming mortgages, saving you a lot of capital) or at a deep discount for fix-rehab-flipping.

In addition to this offer, as a BONUS, we will provide you for FREE a listing of more than 20 top of the line systems to get more off market properties nationwide ($1,000/m required subscription & marketing optional costs not included).

Here are some systems features: 

> Access 100M+ Properties Nationwide
> 7 Million+ Vacant Motivated Seller Leads
> Find Tax Delinquent Properties
> Filter for Absentee & Out of State Owners
> Search Bank Owned & REO Properties
> Built In Direct Mail Marketing
> SMS Broadcast & Follow-up System
> Offerbot Automated Offer Generator
> Broadcast Email Marketing
> Over 2,000,000 Cash Buyer Leads
> 800,000+ Private Lender Leads
> 53 Instant Lead Swiper Campaigns
> Nationwide Find The Owner Button

Looking forward to work with you.

Waiting for your escrow agent call,

Best Regards,

Alberto Medina, Principal
PO Box 6596
Woodbridge, VA 22195
571-210-0874 / 571-208-3446

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